To Our Friends and Guests

Woodland Oasis

April 1 brings big changes to Blacklab Property!  We no longer own any homes located in Hidden Mountain Resort.  Woodland Oasis will have new owners within the next few days and they are very excited.  They are long-time guests at the resort and already have plans to make Woodland Oasis even better. We bought our first home at Hidden Mountain in 1998 and have made many friends with staff, other owners and most importantly, our guests.  So we say “goodbye” with a note of sadness.  We take comfort in the fact that the new owners will carry on our high level of quality both at Morning Hill and Woodland Oasis.

Going forward, we will be devoting all our time and energy to our Oak Haven Resort home, “Unforgettable”. So email us for availability, general info, or just to share your recent stay with us. We always enjoy hearing from our guests.

The Moore’s


Morning Hill

On Thursday, March 2, we said goodbye to “Morning Hill”. The new owners also have another Hidden Mountain luxury property, CBN 4188. So don’t worry, you can expect the same high level of quality to continue that you have come to expect from us.

Thank you to our past guests for their wonderful comments and appreciation of what we created on the hill!  —  Blacklab Property


Availability Calendars

You have probably noticed our Availability Calendars are not displaying correctly.  This is a WordPress glitch. But don’t worry, my web designer is working diligently to get it corrected.  In the meantime, please submit a Reservation Request for any dates in which you are interested.  I will be happy to verify availability or send other options.  Thank you for your patience!

Moving Forward

Another year gone–thank goodness!  2016 proved to be a challenging year for area cabin owners.  From a tragic helicopter crash to a major wildfire, the Pigeon Forge area just couldn’t seem to catch a break.  We were in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

We had many inquiries as to whether the fire damage is visible from our homes.  The answer is “No!”  Our homes are located 8-10 miles from the nearest burn area.  We were onsite in mid-January and could detect no visible fire damage in Pigeon Forge.

Our guests are adapting well to gas grills being relocated 10 ft. from the cabin structures.  We understand inclement weather can quickly change dinner plans and meal preparation is less convenient.  However, these new fire codes were put in place to protect our guests.  Our guests’ safety will always take priority over convenience!

January and February are when we begin planning for the busy season.   Spring cleaning has been completed at Woodland Oasis and work begins at Morning Hill and Unforgettable soon.  We have no major updates planned in 2017 at this time.  That said, we always welcome suggestions and feedback from our past guests.  Some of you will be receiving a survey in coming weeks as to how we can make your next stay even better!  Watch for it to land in your INBOX.

We now offer seasonal rates to encourage stays during slower months.  There can be big savings and no traffic congestion or huge crowds to contend with during this time.  January and February are also deep discount months for the local retail stores.  Unfortunately, rising insurance costs, utilities and property taxes have forced us to raise our standard rates during high demand months.  We hope the lower off-season rates will offer our budget-conscious guests more choices.   Cancellations rarely occur but when they do, we may offer a discounted rate not shown in our rate schedule.  We recommend you always send an email to info@blacklabproperty for the best available rate.

We are looking forward an exciting new year in 2017.  We hope you are, too!